Our Eucalyptus Line is one of our favorites, as it contains the same scent in every product we sell! While its part of our Renewal Collection, its also a collection in itself. Eucalyptus is known for its fresh and clean scent, however it also symbolizes a fresh and clean slate! In Jesus, we have a clean slate and a fresh start. We are defined BY Him, and we are new IN Him. Our hope with this line is to remind each and every customer that they have a fresh start and a clean slate, in which they get to live a renewed life! Our hope is that anyone who encounters our company and this line remebers who they are and their immense worth. 

Eucalyptus Line

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  • Product Instructions

    Body Butter: Gently massage a small amount of the body butter into skin until it is no longer visible and fully absorbed. 

    Bath Salts: Place a small pinch or two of salt into a half-full bath tub of warm water, letting it fully dissolve for best results. 

    Bubble Scoops: Place a bubble scoop under a stream of warm, running, bath water for best results and the most bubbles. 

    Soap: Gently massage soap bar on wet skin to create a lather, then rinse off completely.

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